Friday, November 19, 2010

The Famous - Come Home to Me

I've been sitting on this album for too long, but I have a halfway decent excuse.  I've had the album at work since I got it and it hasn't really left my CD player (yeah, I still have one of those).  Better late than never.

The Famous is a four piece out of San Francisco that sound like they've spent a lot of time in Bakersfield.  Their latest album Come Home to Me has plenty of jangly twang guitars but is mixed equally with punching pop power chords that combine for some really memorable hooks.  Think Buck Owens meets the Old 97's.  The Famous is Laurence Scott (Vocals, Guitar), Victor Barclay (Guitar, Backing Vocals), Chris Fruhauf (Drums), and G.D. Hensley (Bass).  Definitely check this album/band out if you are a fan of great alt-country guitar and songwriting.  No dates listed on the website, and I'd imagine they don't make it this far east too often, but maybe they'll come around soon.  In the meantime you can pick up Come Home to Me and their 2005 release Light, Sweet Crude on the buy link below.

The Famous - Off My Mind (from Come Home to Me) (Buy)
The Famous - Moving On

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