Saturday, April 2, 2011

Robyn Ludwick - Out of these Blues

Is there anything better than hearing an artist you are unfamiliar with for the first time and having them immediately become one of your favorites?  That's what happened to me when I played Out of These Blues, the latest release from Texas singer-songwriter Robyn Ludwick.  The album will most definitely be on countless end of year best-of lists.  Robyn's songwriting is as good as anyone's, and with perfect vocals to match the haunting lyrics, it's almost unfair.  Production and instrumentation really just put the album over the top.  Not overly produced, not too raw.  Fiddle and harmony vocals in all the right spots.  I'll do no justice in describing them, so just listen to a couple tracks below and hear for yourself.
Out of These Blues is out April 19th, so go get it.

Robyn Ludwick - Hollywood  (from Out of These Blues) (Buy)

Robyn Ludwick - Hillbilly  (from Out of These Blues)