Friday, April 19, 2013

Nick Verzosa

Every now and then I sleep forget about an album that I had every intention of mentioning.  This one came to me from Texas from Nick Verzosa.  The entire album is a country beacon in the stormy rough of crappy music, but the song I keep going back to is "I Wouldn't Answer."  It's one of those career songs.  Check it out below, but don't sleep on the rest of the album.  If country radio had more Texas music like this I'd be listening.

Buy the album She Only Loves Me here.

Nick Verzosa - I Wouldn't Answer


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Quiet Hollers - I Am The Morning

It's shaping up to be a good year for Kentucky music. Houndmouth is opening the Iroquois Amphitheater summer concert season and having a New Albanian beer named after them. Fifth on the Floor has a new album out and is rubbing elbows with some pretty big names. And Shadwick Wilde's new band, Quiet Hollers, is doing its part by putting out a great new album with a release show at Headliners on May 18th. I first heard Shadwick on his solo release from a couple years back.  I liked that album and still catch myself humming a couple of the songs off of it.  That said, I think this album is a big leap for Shadwick.  The production sounds better and the band really fills out the sound on this one.  You can buy it right now on Itunes, Amazon, and CD Baby.

Quiet Hollers - Their Dark Robes
Quiet Hollers - Some Day Darlin'

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