Saturday, July 9, 2011

Southern Independent, Vol. 1 (Free Music)

Here's a free compilation served up by the people (Shooter Jennings, Adam Sheets) heading up the XXX genre creation.  There is a lot of good music included and you can check out the track list below.  Head on over to Give Me My XXX to sign up and download for free, as well as learn more about the XXX movement.


Southern Independent, Vol. 1
1. Road to Hattiesburg / Robert Earl Reed
2. Southern Family Anthem / Shooter Jennings
3. Introducing Drake Savage / Slackeye Slim
4. Carolina Sunshine / Dallas Moore featuring Jody Payne
5. City of Shame / Rachel Brooke
6. Skateland Baby / Jimbo Mathus
7. The Fall / Fifth On The Floor
8. Guilty Until Proven Innocent / Last False Hope
9. Road Bound / Bob Wayne
10. I'm Bitter / J.B. Beverley and Ronnie Hymes
11. Used To Be A Cop / Drive-By Truckers
12. Rusted Up Old Pickup Trucks / Hellbound Glory

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