Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Shadwick Wilde: Unforgivable Things

I discovered this album through Reviewshine, and it is one of only a handful that I've received that way that didn't suck. Shadwick Wilde was raised in a San Francisco but is now based in Louisville. He's just self-released Unforgivable Things, an album of songs concerning heartache and sadness (more or less). No happy melodies here. There's a lonesome fiddle here and a sparse, somber electric guitar fill there, but the primary focus of the album is the lyric. "Wearing Thin" is the confession of a man on the edge of giving up, and "Motorcycle Song" is about the guy that can't get that one girl.

The first comparison that came to mind when I heard Unforgivable Things was Lucero. Careful though, because I'm talking The Attic Tapes brand Lucero, not rock and roll brand Lucero. That said, this could be Shadwick's Attic Tapes, a group of songs that have a vulnerable identity when first recorded that is great, but may also grow into rock and roll excellence somewhere down the road.

Shadwick is playing a ton of shows in Louisville now so you should check him out if you can. He has an Ear X-Tacy show coming up too. Buy Unforgivable Things here, or get it from Itunes.

Also, for you local people, I noticed in the liner notes that Nick Hamstra (Hambone) played electric guitar on the album. So check it out if you dig Hambone too.

Check out the two tracks below.
Shadwick Wilde - Motorcycle Song
Shadwick Wilde - Girls Like You

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  1. Just coming across this. Nice backdrop for Winter. Thanks. Baron - Twang Nation