Saturday, October 24, 2009

Mic Harrison & the High Score

Mic Harrison & the High Score make good music. It's not white collar music; it's not even blue collar music. It's more like sweat-stain-collar music. The songs are about hard work, whiskey, and women. The music is Harrison's brand of country: Budweiser drenched and sawdust coated. You may know Harrison from his days in the V-Roys, where he sang and wrote along with Scott Miller. That band went on to be signed to Steve Earle's record label. Harrison then played in the Faults and Superdrag before joining up full time with the High Score (Robbie Trosper, Brad Henderson and Vance Hillard).

Both Scott Miller and the V-Roys have a good bit more pop in their music than Mic Harrison and the High Score. The band is working on a new album that will be released in the first half of next year. Check out their store for a bunch of MH & the HS albums, as well as some Harrison solo stuff, some High Score albums, and even some V-roys too.

The guys have a Halloween show coming up if you are going to be in Knoxville next weekend. Check out their website or myspace for details.

Wiser The Whiskey
(from 2007's "Push Me On Home")

Sawdust (from 2008's "On the Right Side of the Grass")

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