Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Yardsale: Louisville's Own

Yardsale is by self proclamation "Louisville's Second Most Rootin-est, Tootin-est Band." Their sound can be described with terms like country, pop, and honky-tonk, all modified with the mysterious "alt" prefix. They have a wide spectrum of sounds, from almost pure Stones rock to slow country ballads with great harmony vocals.
Yardsale has recorded three albums, a live EP, and is working on the upcoming release Knock Alley West. The songs below will be on the new album and come from each end of the Yardsale spectrum. "Mississippi's Flooding" features some really slick guitars and "Slow Motion" is beautifully simple, letting the lyrics, vocals, and steel guitar shine. Really looking forward to hearing the full album. We'll post an update when it is released. Until then, you can get your rootin-tootin fix here, or go see Yardsale when they come around. Yardsale plays The Vernon Club November 13th.

Mississippi's Flooding

Slow Motion

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