Friday, November 6, 2009

JJ Schultz

I discovered JJ Schultz four or five years ago through Pandora Radio. I don't remember what station I was listening to, but I was sold after the first verse of "Speed Train". I have a playlist of about 18 songs that I call Alt-Country Essentials and two of those tracks are JJ's. I could put a couple more of his tracks on it and the mix would still be worthy of the title. JJ has three albums out on San Francisco's Last Stop Records. His sounds range from intimate singer-songwriter tales of desperate farmers to snare drum driven numbers about drinking in country bars. I have posted a favorite from each album below. I don't know of JJ playing in the Louisville area anytime soon, but go check him out if you happen to get the chance. You can get all three of JJ's albums at CDBaby. If you buy all three you'll get them for $5 each!

"Max My Dog" (from 2004's Bustin' Outa Town)

"Speed Train" (from 2005's Something to Me)

"Traveling Song" (from 2007's Traveling Songs)

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