Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Goose Creek Symphony

I discovered Goose Creek Symphony's Welcome to Goose Creek probably ten years ago in a stack of old beat up records. The album is an experience and should be heard beginning to end in one sitting. However, the track featured below convinced me to upgrade to the CD format. And even though the album is almost forty years old now, you can still get it from a number of sites. The music falls into a bastard of a genre, with bluegrass, folk, country, and blues the likely fathers. Charlie Gearhart, band founder and songwriter, comes from Goose Creek in southeast Kentucky. You can read some of his "fishing stories" on the band's website. The band plays in KY area frequently so keep an eye on the site and catch them live if you can.
"Right Track" (from 1971's Welcome to Goose Creek) (Buy here!)

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  1. Charlie Gearhart wont be making the trip home to Kentucky this June to do any shows. His fingers dont work right anymore and I guess the Goose wont fly anymore. The six times I got to see the Goose live was the closest to Heaven as I.ll ever get