Saturday, February 27, 2010

Derek Hoke - Goodbye Rock N' Roll out 3/16

Derek Hoke is a son of the south working out of Nashville, and his latest record "Goodbye Rock N' Roll" is a real country album. It's a flashback oasis in the middle of a pop-country desert. The songs are instantly familiar and there isn't one single Nickelback crunchy guitar riff on the whole album to ruin it (I'm looking at you, Jason Aldean, Craig Morgan, etc). In fact, the pedal steel takes the instrumental spotlight on most of the tracks. The album has a throwback feel and sound, like Luke the Drifter-meets-Buddy Holly. The songwriting, which I'm assuming is all Hoke's; no info readily available), is excellent, as are the vocals. Very good production on the album. You won't need to use the skip when you put this disc on. You can download the album from Hoke's bandcamp site for $5, or get the disc from Electric Western.
For those of you lucky enough to be going to SXSW, Hoke will be there too.
3/17 - SXSW - Electric Western Records Party @ The Hole In The Wall - Austin, TX
3/18 - SXSW - TBA
3/19 - SXSW - Flipnotics Coffeespace Cafe @ 4pm - Austin, TX
3/20 - SXSW - Thunderbird Party @ 5pm - Austin, TX

Check out these two tracks from the album:
"Still Waiting" - Derek Hoke
"Goodbye Rock N' Roll" - Derek Hoke
And here is a righteous video of another album cut: :"Where'd You Sleep Last Night?"

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  1. This IS agreat CD! We are featuring it on KWBC.FM internet radio. We also have a video of "Sweet Pea" and a write up on our listener forums
    The Old Buzzard
    Program Director
    KWBC.FM Internet Country Radio