Sunday, February 21, 2010

Reno Bo -Happenings and Other Things

Happenings and Other Things is the debut album from Reno Bo (the band and the man) and it is stuffed full of radio friendly rock and roll. The guitar hooks are definitely catchy and the production as a whole is very clean without sounding too slick. I hear a lot, and I mean a whole lot, of Tom Petty influence in every song. Listen to "Off Your Back" and Petty's "Zombie Zoo" and you'll definitely hear the similarities in overall sound. Not one song of the eleven sounds like filler. It's a nice experience these days when you find an album that is enjoyable from start to finish and you don't have to skip every other track. Reno Bo is playing SXSW and will be touring throughout 2010 so keep an eye on his website for details. Highly recommended if you like Tom Petty (and who doesn't?). Check out the two tracks below. You can download the whole album, in your choice of digital format, from the band's bandcamp website for $5, or get the disc from the label, Electric Western Records.

"Off Your Back" - Reno Bo
"Shine" - Reno Bo

Here's a video I found of Reno doing a track off the album at a party:

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