Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Reno Bo - "There's a Light"

Reno Bo, whose new album I featured here, is premiering the video for the single "There's a Light" next Tuesday, April 20th. I'm not much of a music video fan, but this one is animated by Reno himself and is pretty neat. Stylistically, it reminded me of a Schoolhouse Rock bit. If your into videos, good music, and/or art, sign up for Reno's mailing list and you can win signed and numbered prints of the artwork. Also check out Reno's Facebook and Twitter. Electric Western Records (Reno's label) will be releasing still images of the video leading up to the release date. You will be able to buy the single directly from Reno's Bandcamp upon release. I suggest picking up the whole album. It really deserved to be heard.

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