Sunday, June 20, 2010

Andrew Combs: Tennessee Time

Today's album is another one that found me via Reviewshine. I'll preface by saying it is great to see that there is still great original and pure country music being made today. Andrew Combs' debut EP Tennessee Time is on my short list for album of the year. Yeah, I know it's an EP but I'd rather have six excellent songs over one or two with twelve "fillers" any day. Andrew has written 5 of the songs and the choice cover he does, "Dark End of the Street", has become my favorite version of the song. Andrew's voice is just gravelly enough to suit the country-rock crowd, his delivery is just as good as Haggard or Jones, and his songwriting, based only on this EP, is top shelf as well.
You can buy Tennessee Time here, and check out Andrew's website and myspace for show dates. Check out the tracks below in the meantime. Let me know what you think too.

Andrew Combs - Tennessee Time
Andrew Combs - Too Stoned To Cry

Also, check out this video of Andrew doing Tennessee Time and a little bit of an interview.


  1. I'm enjoying this EP myself. I'm working on an entry for my song blog. Do you know where I could find the lyrics? I'm willing to transcribe them, but would prefer to take the easy way out...

  2. Short of transcribing them, you could try to get in touch with Andrew on his website above. Nice blog by the way. I'll put it in the blogroll when I get a chance.