Wednesday, May 26, 2010

State of the Blog Address

As most of the three of you reading this blog may have noticed, the posting frequency has dwindled to a slow trickle. This is a result of a few things happening that are important to me and probably not important to anyone else. While things are going to be slower for a few months, this is not the end and there is no swan song in the works. I plan to be back to a regular posting pattern in just a few months, but in the meantime I'll only waste your time with the best new music I receive. I may have someone else guest posting from time to time also. Check out Twitter (@bootlegend) and Tumblr ( as those are a little quicker and I sometimes throw stuff up there that I find of interest. It requires less work from me, but is also limited too. Anyway, I'll be around.


  1. Hi Brandon, I'm trying to listen to the Shadwick Wilde post, but it's not loading. Any ideas?

    Hope you hook up with Bodeco. Take care.

    Shayne Hull

  2. Not sure. I'll look into it. Girls Like You is working it seems, but both worked last night.

  3. They are working for me so I'm not sure what the problem is. See if you are still having problems.

  4. hmmm, yeah, still can't play it. When i click on it, the player shows "buffering" for a bout 10 seconds, then it jumps up to the Musick track - which plays fine. When i right clicked to save it, it came up HTML document instead of MP3. Oh well, obviously the glitch is on my end. Take care - enjoy the weather!! Shayne