Monday, November 8, 2010

6 Day Bender - E'ville Fuzz

Coming straight out of Charlottesville, Virginia is a band with the best name I've heard in a good while, 6 Day Bender. Due to a slight failure in electronic communications I never got around to featuring the band when I first stumbled across their music last year. Fortunately, the new album E'ville Fuzz found it's way to me this year. The band is made up of Luke Nutting (banjo, electric guitar, acoustic guitar, vocals), Clayton Avent (electric guitar, acoustic guitar, cello, vocals),
James Keenan (bass, harmonica), and Corey Gross (drums, percussion). A pretty typical country-rock outfit, right? Well, yeah, but where 6 Day Bender differs from the masses is that they hit that mark that everyone else is aiming for but falling short of. The banjo, when used, sounds like it is necessary for the mood of a lyric and not just an addition at the end of the recording session to cater to the "folk" fans.  The songwriting cover all the topics I want from a rough country band, and the guitars, bass, and drums, are just ragged enough to do justice to the vocals of Luke and Clayton.

Since I didn't post anything last year, I'll put up a couple tracks from the new album and the self-titled debut.  E'ville Fuzz features the electric guitars a little more prominently and tends to lean toward pure rock than the debut album.  The musicianship sounds more evolved, as you would expect.  In the end, each album is simply a different side to the same proverbial coin.  You can buy either/both albums and other 6DB goodies here.

6 Day Bender - Wartime (from 2008 S/T debut) (Buy!)
6 Day Bender - Kick Out the Fire (from 2008 S/T debu)

6 Day Bender - Clover (from E'ville Fuzz) (Buy!)
6 Day Bender - Miss Linda (from E'ville Fuzz)

 Check out the video of Deliverance off of E'ville Fuzz from the 6 Day Bender youtube channel.

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