Saturday, November 20, 2010

YouTube Bluegrass: J.D. Crowe & the New South

J.D. Crowe & the New South circa 1975.  Best bluegrass group ever?  You can certainly make a strong argument that they were.  Consisting of the banjo master himself along with Tony Rice on vocals/guitar, Ricky Skaggs on vocals/mandolin, Bobby Slone on fiddle/upright bass, and Jerry Douglas on dobro, the New South at this time was a supergroup for sure.  Each of these gentlemen will surely be members of the Bluegrass Hall of Fame (Crowe already is).  The video below is of "The Old Home Place," one of their most well known songs from the classic 1975  self-titled album.


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  3. You are absolutely correct! This hallmark album did more to stabilize the direction of Bluegrass at the time it was released than any other recording or event. There has always been a tendency, behind the scenes, for the music to "bounce" back and forth between traditional vs. progressive bluegrass. It still inspires successive musicians and groups alike to build on the foundation that Crowe and the New South had laid down. At first it sounds like traditional bluegrass but when you get down to examine and study it closely it is very intricate, innovative, and masterfully arranged and mixed. It takes musicians of the caliber of J.D., Tony, Ricky, Jerry, and Bobby to pull off what I personally consider to be, as one of the greatest Bluegrass projects of all time.
    Tadd Huff