Monday, February 7, 2011

Root Jack - In the Pines

Root Jack is yet another great rock band out of Portland, Oregon (and that list is getting fairly large).  I was first made aware of them by a review of their latest album In the Pines on Nine Bullets and an interview feature with lead singer and songwriter Kris Stuart over at More Cowbelle.  I also discovered through those posts that Kris was formerly in the rock band Moonshine Hangover whose album Mulberry Squeezins I picked up on CD Baby probably five years ago.  While I like that album/band, I much prefer Root Jack's version of rock.  It's slightly Southern flavored, but has a lot of country tendencies too.  Highly recommended if you are a fan of most of the bands featured here.  Check out the links above and the songs below and enjoy.

Root Jack - Pastor of the Pines  (from In the Pines) (Buy)
Root Jack - Another Night  (from In the Pines) (Buy)

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