Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The Deep Vibration - Strange Love

My first exposure to Nashville's The Deep Vibration was a couple years ago when they opened for Jason Isbell at the Dame in Lexington.  They came on stage to a small crowd but those of us that showed up early were treated to a great set of original rock/soul/country music.  I picked up their EP Veracruz, (highly recommended by the way) and played it pretty heavily for a few weeks.  I didn't hear anything else about the band until a few days ago when a Facebook post by Andrew Combs clued me in that The Deep Vibration is releasing Strange Love, their first full length album.  After hearing it, it seems Strange Love picks up where Veracruz left off.  Same sort of soul rock songs about love lost which songwriter Matt Campbell's haunting vocals deliver perfectly.  Matt has a unique rhythm to his vocals as well, slightly out of time, yet perfectly in place if that makes sense.  The new album has some pianos and organs on it as well as some horns, but the core instruments (Jeremy Fetzer -Guitar, Jeff Irwin -Bass, Luke Herbert -Drums) carry the weight when it's time for rock and roll (see "Jack the Robber" below).  So check out the tracks below, get their Daytrotter session, and go see them if you get the chance. 

The Deep Vibration - Jack the Robber  (from Strange Love) (Buy)
The Deep Vibration - Tennessee Rose  (from Veracruz) (Buy)
Gillian Welch helped out with vocals on this one.

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  1. I like it (esp.the horns), just not as raw as their early stuff. You're right about the vocals, quirky-cool.