Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Maxim Ludwig & The Sante Fe Seven

I first heard Maxim Ludwig & The Sante Fe Seven sometime last year when the self-titled debut album landed in my inbox. I listened, I dug, and I marked it to write about. Somehow I lost it in my ocean of mp3's and it didn't resurface until I received an email from Maxim recently with demos for a new album. Again, I listened. And I dig these new demos too. The songs across both albums are greatly varied, from sad-bastard, harmonica-accompanied minor chord ballads to completely careless guitar driven rock and roll. What's even crazier than how good these songs are is that Maxim and the band (not really seven, not really from Sante Fe) are still unsigned. They have some shows coming up at SXSW (schedule) so maybe those will help rectify that situation. Even crazier than that is the fact you can download the new demos and the debut album free from the website. Get it! Check out the tracks below and the killer video of an acoustic "Paradise Cove." Completely different from the album version but both are excellent.

Maxim Ludwig & The Sante Fe Seven - Stacy C'mon  (from the new album)

Maxim Ludwig & The Sante Fe Seven - Dead Ringer  (from self-titled debut) (Buy)


  1. Thanks for the tip, loving this kid!

  2. Wow. How old is this guy? I think I just found my favorite new band.

  3. Not sure. 20's I guess. But he for sure has some good tunes down. Here's to hoping he writes some more.