Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Free Album: Grant Gilman - Homewrecker

Grant Gilman has an album he has made available as a free download. Homewrecker is pure alternative country. Twangy guitars, lots of fiddle and snare drum, solid bass, and obligatory vocals that sound like he's been swallowing sandpaper. The songwriting covers the typical country topics, but with just enough uniqueness to not sound cliche but still feel familiar.

Favorite line so far: (from "Save Me" posted below)
"I know I said I'd never lie. Well I guess I lied."

Download Homewrecker here:
Grant Gilman - Homewrecker
Grant Gilman - Vocals/Guitar
Tim Adcock - Guitar/Vocals
Matt Elkins - Bass/Vocals
Melissa Ogle - Violin
Kenn Furr - Drums

Grant Gilman on Myspace

Grant Gilman - Save Me

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