Saturday, May 8, 2010

Trapper Haskins & the Bitter Swill - Alluvium

Trapper Haskins & the Bitter Swill's debut album Alluvium is out on Jake Leg Records and contains twelve tracks of mellow Americana straight from Tennessee. The songs are the product of a two year's writing and cover the usual country base but do so with particularly memorable choruses. The band sounds like they've played together for years and consists of Trapper (vocals and guitars), Ry Evans (drums), Paul Thacker (keys,accordion, sax, backing vocals), and Shane Vahle (bass). First half of the album is the best, partially because most of the later songs are over four minutes or closer to five minutes. Two standout tracks are posted below, along with a select chorus lyric. By the way, artwork on the album is fantastic too.
"Hydrocodone and Green Label Jack
Will push the pain away but it won't bring you back
Won't bring you back any nearer to me
And the day that you left, hon, the sun set on Tennessee"
----Hard Luck Angel----

Trapper Haskins - Souvenir
Trapper Haskins - Hard Luck Angel

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