Monday, December 13, 2010

Ronnie Fauss - Mulligan

Ronnie Fauss is an alt-country artist based in Dallas that has put out three EP's to date on FTG Records.  His latest, Mulligan, carries on a streak of simple arrangements paired with observant lyrics that are memorable but manage to avoid cliches, similar to John Prine's approach.  My favorite number off of Mulligan is the honky tonk "It's a Long, Long Way," which I've posted below (click the link to download).  New Songs for the Old Frontier Vol. 1, Ronnie's previous release, had Slobberbone's fingerprints all over it with Brent Best producing and Jess Barr doing the banjo work.  So for your enjoyment (and because I don't want to post two songs off of a six song EP) I've posted a good track off of that EP as well.  Look for New Songs for the Old Frontier Vol. 2 in the near future.
Also, if you go to Ronnie's Noisetrade page you can download his other EP, I Can't Make You Happy for free.

Ronnie Fauss - It's a Long, Long Way  (from Mulligan) (Buy)

Ronnie Fauss - The Last  (from New Songs for the Old Frontier Vol. 1) (Buy)

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