Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Being a somewhat recent transplant to the Louisville area I have missed a lot of good local acts from years past.  Such was the case with longtime Louisville favorites Bodeco until one fan sent me an email urging me to get on the ball and check them out.  I have since done so and I'm glad I did.  Bodeco, fronted by guitarist/vocalist Rick Feather, plays a dirty sort of blues with a lot of rockabilly guitar flavor thrown in and capped with sandpaper-rough vocals.  They have a handful of albums that have been released over the last twenty years, but their latest effort is the Soul Boost EP from 2009, from which I've featured a killer track below.  Coincidentally, you can also catch Bodeco live at Headliner's along with Hambone and Johnny Berry later this month.

Bodeco - Hush Hush Naughty Baby  (from Soul Boost EP) (Buy)

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