Sunday, January 2, 2011

Patrick Sweany - That Old Southern Drag

Patrick Sweany is a name that I was unfamiliar with when his latest album, That Old Southern Drag, showed up in the mail, but after giving it a listen I'm clearing off a spot in my good CD rack in the  listening room.  If I had to label it I'd call it bluesy soul music, or soulful blues music, somewhat akin to The Black Keys.  And that's not a huge surprise considering he's toured with and collaborated with Dan Auerbach for years.  The vocals are worn and rugged and blend excellently with the dirty blues rock guitar riffs Patrick lays down.  Put this on and let it play through and it is guaranteed to grow on you.  The album won't be out until February, but you can get it for $10 if you preorder from Nine Mile Records.  No tour dates listed for Louisville yet, but the year is young, so let's keep our fingers crossed.

Patrick Sweany - Heavy Problems (Peavey Rage)  (from That Old Southern Drag) (Buy)

Patrick Sweany - Frozen Lake  (from That Old Southern Drag) (Buy)


  1. Pat tours around my hometown a lot and I see him a few times a year. I listen to a TON of music and since I first heard him about two years ago and after gobbling up all the discs he has released, I'm here to tell you he is one of the most talented sincere artist out there right now. I would have said he's too good to ever make it in today's musical climate, but since acts like the Black Keys, The Heavy and the like are getting radio play, there is no reason this guy shouldn't be huge.

  2. I live in Nashville and have only been listening to Pat's music for about two years now, but I try to catch him live whenever I can. I don't understand how someone like Pat hasn't hit it big because he's immensely talented and has a great distinct voice, perfect for this kind of bluesy-rock.