Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Yardsale - Hit It and Quit It

Yardsale has resurfaced from their indefinite hiatus long enough to record an album, Hit It and Quit It, and release it as pay-what-you-want on their bandcamp.  The album was recorded in one day five hours over last summer when the band could get together and has no overdubs, so it's basically a live album without the drunk dude requesting "Freebird" every other song.  I personally think the band sounds much better here than on the live EP Yardsale This Week from a couple years back.  There's plenty of interesting stuff to check out on the album.  A Yardbirds cover, a The Band cover, and some older Yardsale stuff too.  So if you are a fan, drop a few bucks in the electronic tip jar and enjoy.

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